About Us

Logan’s Fund are a Scottish based children’s cancer charity who aim to provide anything that will give a cause for optimism or an alternative focus away from hospital and beyond the treatment they are going through for any child and their family affected by cancer. Our philosophy is to try and win back some of the childhood lost to time in hospital.  We want to give your child’s horizon a sprinkling of magic dust.

Logan’s Sunny Days is our lovely holiday respite caravan which allows precious family time together situated in Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth coast where we as a charity can be on hand to help make the families stay as fantastic as possible. Open year round and stays are for one week. This is the perfect location to come and make memories, have fun and laughs and forget about the ward, the appointment cards and the ringed dates on the calendar.  As part of your stay at Logan’s Sunny Days we will arrange and fund as much of your week’s activities and fun as we possibly can.

Always a Rainbow is our sponsorship programme where we fund the things that your child and their siblings may have missed out on during treatment. Our commitment to you in this programme will be for as long as your child or children are benefitting from it. We will also support more than one activity per child as we appreciate that over time interests may change and new opportunities present themselves. Popular sponsorship activities include swimming lessons, horse-riding, dancing classes, learning musical instruments but the programme is entirely driven by what your children want to do. This programme is focused on learning, development, winning back lost time, gaining confidence and meeting new friends and of course having fun.

As part of our Always a Rainbow programme we can also sponsor parents. One of the really popular sponsorship opportunities is driving lessons both for parents and also for older children when they turn 17.

We can also offer ‘Rainbow Grants’ which can be anything to make hospital stays a little bit easier or for something to look forward to coming home to. This can be something for now, for later on when treatment allows or once treatment ends and is really dependant on what your child, sibling and the family as a whole feel would be of benefit.

One of the most magical grants we do on a regular basis are puppies, nothing puts a smile on the face quite like it. But we will consider anything that will benefit your family and have a positive impact whether its something fun, something practical, a one off unique experience, a day trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to or we can try and bring that something special to your door. Whatever it is we will try and make it happen.

We also work in partnership with Hammond Drysuits who pioneered the specialist Hickman Line Dry Suits. These innovative suits allow your child to learn to swim or continue swimming after having a Hickman line fitted. They are suitable for the beach, waterparks, paddling pools and all other activities where your child is likely to come into contact with water.

In the Aberdeen area we work in partnership with children’s entertainment company Love Rara. They provide swimming lessons including mermaid and merman assisted swims for that extra magical experience. They also have a stock of specialist dry-suits should one be needed. Love Rara can also accept requests from us for very special character visits either as a treat or for a birthday party or pre-Christmas surprise or alternatively arrange online video calls from your child’s favourite superhero or character. We can work with them to create a magical experience to suit any occasion.

Please get in touch with us even if it is just an initial enquiry about your own child or on behalf of a family member or close friend.

Logan’s Fund will support anyone diagnosed prior to their 18th birthday and we will continue offering support after that where appropriate. Logan’s Fund will also support bereaved families in any way we can.

Throughout we aim to raise awareness of neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers and promote and publicise research programmes and fundraising initiatives and campaigns.

If we can bring a smile, help make hospital just a little bit easier or help form a future goal we will do everything we can to make it happen.  Logan is a rainbow in our sky and we hope we can bring some of those colours into yours.

Logan’s Fund – doing the things Logan and his family would have loved, in his memory.

Logan Main 16 January 2006 – 30 June 2009