Hickman Line Dry-Suits

A Mum once said to us on the eve of her family’s stay at Logan’s Sunny Days that “Unfortunately Olaf can’t go into a pool as he still has a Hickman’s line so he would require a special suit which we don’t have, he absolutely loves water so really hope weather will be dry so he can play in the sand and splash some water with his feet”.

Well Olaf can go swimming and into the sea now because there is a company called Hammond Drysuits who invented a Specialist Dry-suit that allows children to do these things that most of us take for granted. We have teamed up in partnership and they now provide us with Logan’s Fund’s own dry-suits for children to allow them back into the pool and play on the beach.

Via Hammond we can grant either a made to measure suit or a generic sized suit. A size chart is available on their website but if you can wait for a made to measure suit then the various measurements they require are also listed on their page as well as guidance on how to get your child in and out of the suit which is vital viewing.

Suits can be blue/black, red/black, red/blue, yellow/blue, yellow/black or all black.


Please make requests for a suit direct from Logan’s Fund and we will do the rest.