Logan’s Story

Logan was born a healthy baby boy on 16th January 2006 at Dr Gray’s Elgin.  He lives in Elgin, Moray, Scotland with his mum Angela and dad Christopher.

In August 2008 Logan developed swelling of the stomach and was admitted to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin and transferred immediately to Aberdeen’s Sick Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 High Risk.  Scans showed that the tumour was only in the abdomen and had not as first suspected  spread to other parts of his body.

The prognosis showed a relatively low survival rate of approximately 20-25% in the UK.
After extensive research Logan’s mum and dad have discovered that Logan’s best chance is to have the tumour removed,  After research from the doctors in Aberdeen they have found a surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital London who is willing to operate to remove the tumor once Logan has completed his next 2 doses of chemotherapy.  However the committee for Logan’s Fund are committed to raising funds to further Logan’s treatment and enable Logan to access treatments which are not available to him on the NHS.

Logan is a very outgoing and sociable 3 year old boy and through his treatment he has surprised everyone with his attitude and energy, nothing seems to faze him.  He loves getting visits from family and friends at Aberdeen Sick Children’s Hospital. Throughout his stay he has met The Aberdeen Football Team, and with Logan’s love for Rangers it was arranged for him and his Dad to go to the Rangers v Aberdeen match at Pittodrie. During this visit he got into the rangers dressing room to meet the managers and team, He had a great time and received lots of gifts.  Logan has also met the stars of The X factor and The Tweenies.

Logan loves doing things like painting, making puzzles and going to the park when he is able to.  He also loves animals especially dogs, he recently had two husky dogs meet him outside the hospital which is his favourite breed, we are hoping to get Logan a Samoyed puppy in the future.

Logan has only been home 3 times since admitted to hospital but when he is home he has a great time with everyone, also Logan got a electric Jeep from Santa and was just delighted with this so you can imagine every time he is home he just loves to get outside to drive it.

Written February 2009

We had hoped through our fundraising efforts to raise enough funds to enable Logan to go to Sloan Kettering in New York for further life saving treatment which is not available in the UK but unfortunately time was not on Logan’s side.

Whilst waiting to hear from a surgeon at Great Ormond Street, Logan got asites (fluid in the abdomen) and had to have a drain inserted to relieve the fluid.

Eventually a ct scan was performed and a few days afterwards the doctors took us in to see the scan, we were not expecting the devastating news which they gave us, Logan’s tumour had spread to his whole liver and also spots of the tumour were found in his chest which was the cause of his breathing difficulties. This spread happened in just a month as Logan was not managing to take a full course of chemotherapy as he kept getting one infection after another.

We were given the devastating news that our precious boy that we had tried eight years for and loved and adored with all our hearts only had a few days left. Our lives were shattered; we could not take in what we had been told and spent the rest of that day in a daze just cuddling our baby.

We made Logan’s last day’s special for him. Logan fought on for 6 days which were treasured as was every other day since he was born. Logan passed away at 2.40am on the 30th June, he woke us to let us know and he took his last three breaths in our arms.

Our lives will never be the same again; we are utterly lost without our precious brave wee boy who fought so hard for ten months and who amazed everyone with how he dealt with being in hospital & throughout his treatment. He was & will always be our wee star, not a minute passes when we don’t think of him, life without Logan is unbearable he filled our lives for three and a half years with so much love, laughter and had such a huge personality, nothing will ever repair our broken hearts, we just pray he is with the angels, Logan has left us with so many happy memories.

Our only goal now is to help others and raise awareness of this cruel & deadly childhood cancer.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have helped raise the massive amount of money for Logan’s fund we are and will be forever grateful to you all and also to thank those who are in the committee, without you we could not have done such a brilliant job raising these funds.

Written September 2009


16th January 2006 – 30th June 2009

Logan Reece Main passed away at 2:40am on 30th June 2009, aged 3 and a half years old. Special and precious son of Christopher and Angela, magic, brave wee grandson of Billy and Penny, Jackie and Kate and forever loved great-grandson, nephew, cousin and buddy.

He touched the lives of all who met him and was an inspiration to us all.